Seminar at Palm Harbor

You're Invited... this Powerful Seminar on Getting the BEST Results Possible

with Samantha Taylor,

National Health & Fitness Expert

February 23rd, 2019

Palm Harbor: Saturday 12:30 pm

Nutrition Seminar

This month: Nutrition Seminar by Samantha Taylor

Samantha will be going over nutrition and the top FIVE things you can do to prevent heart disease, which is the #1 killer in America. About 50% of people in USA die of heart disease. This is REALLY important to know how you can prevent it.

Light snacks and gourmet coffee provided.

Do what you can to get there. You will learn a lot!

This is a great thing to bring friends too…

Our newest Personal Training Studio or Boot Camp in Palm Harbor is located at 32872 Suite B - US HWY 19 N Palm Harbor, FL 34684. Call us for your Body Transformation Analysis for Personal Training OR for Boot Camp call (727) 777-4213

--- We need to know how many chairs to bring and we have limited space

Check out this short inspirational video of this client who was on lots of medication, throwing up every night, had sleep apnea, NOW is on no medication, lost 30 lbs and doing great!

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Samantha is an expert at not only motivating you but also in giving you a plan of action to make your goals happen.


This seminar is FREE so get registered today. See you there! IF you are bringing a friend, make sure you register them separately, this seminar IS open to ladies and men.

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Samantha Taylor - Health & Nutrition Expert, Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Professional Speaker


Seminar at Palm Harbor - February 23rd

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