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Barbara's before and after back

"Well, how I joined Samantha Taylor Fitness was that I had seen on Facebook her program with Samantha Taylor Fitness. I knew she was because I’d seen her Billboards around town, but I always thought I don’t have the time and it’s probably too expensive. But I found out that is only 30-minute workouts and the price, I could do the price was affordable, so I signed up. The great thing is, it’s something new every day. Everyday changes and I go at the same time everyday, so I know other ladies they go and it’s fun. I work from home, so I don’t get a lot of interaction, so this is my social time. I have had a permanent lifestyle changed, with the food and the exercise is just automatic for me now, there’s no decisions in the morning, I get up and go and that’s how I start my day. I also know, you can’t have exercise without the nutrition. So, I’ve learned how to cook healthy at home and its delicious, so we don’t go out to eat as often. We don’t even want to go thru the drive thru anymore. Plus, Samantha has helped me kick my addiction to soda, I still can’t believe it! This program has really changed my life!"

Barbara's before and after front
Filomena results side

"It feels really good to be 60 and looking like this! I lost 20 pounds in the first 6 weeks during the 6 week challenge but I kept going and have now lost 50 lbs.! And when I started, I figured if they were going to offer me a cruise and I said, "I'm gonna win that cruise!" Friends ask me, “What can you do in 30 minute workouts?" I say, "Well, you can do a lot in 30 minutes, look I lost 50 lbs. doing it at age 60!” Samantha's program is so amazing, it's the eating plan, the other members and the trainers, they push you to do your best and they say, "You can do it!" This program is amazing, Samantha teaches you how to eat the right food and that combined with fitness, I feel amazing. To be honest with you, I feel better now than I felt when in my 40's and it feels good! It’s never too late for you either! When I moved from Massachusetts 3 years ago, it was a very hard move and the only thing was cruise in a couch. I missed my family, all the people I worked for and I gained 15 pounds and then I said to myself, "I have to take action and I have to do something for me. I can't continue like this!" So, I drove by Samantha’s billboard and asked my sister if she wanted to come with me? I told her that, "We have to do this, I have to do this. Something has to change, and something has to change with my mentality." I showed up and I got amazing results! I encourage anyone to do this because if I can do it, you can do it!"

Filomena lost 51 lbs.
Filomena in front of cruise ship

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