About Samantha

Samantha Taylor is this area's top female Health & Fitness expert. Her weight loss programs and services will get you to lose weight, feel great, and get in shape. Her five locations are in Carrollwood, Land O' Lakes, Palm Harbor, Wesley Chapel and Westchase.

Choose Health, Choose Life, Choose Now!

Samantha Taylor is a Health & Fitness Expert, top female Personal Trainer and Health Motivational Speaker.

"If you learn how to eat healthy as a lifestyle; you won't have to diet! That's where I come in...to show you how to choose healthy food because you want to ...not because you have to!"


Why ?


Personal Challenges:

"I give all the credit to the good Lord above for without the power of His Holy Spirit guiding me and gently transforming me, I couldn't of done it on my own. I know, because I tried many years without Him."

"I've dealt with the mental attitude of just not wanting to exercise and learning how to get myself to actually follow through with it anyway."

Samantha Taylor is absolutely committed to helping you achieve GREAT Results!

"I will do everything I know how to do to make this possible. Including prayer, teaching you about food, cardio, weight training, motivation, approaching the mental and emotional aspect and much, much, more. God gave us these bodies and made us in His image. He calls us temples of the Lord. So let's work together in teaching you how to take care of it and enjoy it, to the best of your ability!"

You are the only one who can decide to take charge of your life and live it to the fullest. Make that decision to cross the line of mediocrity and enhance your lives experience!

God Bless!

Samantha Taylor