Feeling better at 53 than in her entire life!

Kate 2 years later loving life!

Barb is finally consistent, after 20 years of not working out!

Down 50 lbs. at age 60!

Stephanie lost 85 lbs. in 11 Months!

Olympian Personal Trainer Age 60

Terry got her life back! She is happy, can think clearly and handles stress better and she lost 35 lbs. at age 62.

Melissa’s husband inspired her: She lost 52 lbs. in 5 months from a size 16 to a 6!

She lost 30 lbs. and has NO MORE Cravings!

Judy is turning 62, check out her arms! Lost 31 lbs. in 4 months with us...

Wow, Lynn is 78! She has been with training with us for 9 years!

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Sunny has lost 45 lbs.!

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Alice lost 47 lbs. at almost age 70!

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Jennifer lost 33 lbs., Less Stress and has Energy to Chase Around her Twins

Kim lost 67 lbs. and can’t believe how different her life is! See her story and pictures.

Ruth at 78 had Double Knee Replacement...Thanks to Working out she has No Pain!

Stephanie had Chronic Fatigue she could Hardly get out of Bed, now Feels Amazing and Lost over 30 lbs. in 12 Weeks WITH Half a Thyroid!

Shannon lost 40 lbs. with us and kept it off 3 years! She has a Bachelor’s in Food Science and Nutrition and she is now our Nutrition Educator!

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