Westchase Fitness Boot Camp

Westchase Fitness Boot Camp for women is a fun workout that focuses on 30 minutes workouts. We are located in a newly renovated studio where everything is new and clean. We are located at 12713 Race Track Road Tampa, FL. The studio is located right in the heart of Westchase but the city is Tampa.

Women are shocked at how much you can get done in 30 minutes in this fitness boot camp. The focus is to train many different muscles at the same time and get the heart rate up in the boot camp. Samantha Taylor is the owner and has been training women in her fitness boot camps and personal training programs for 26 years!

Her fitness boot camps are designed to change constantly which means you will never get bored, for the workouts change every day. This keeps your body constantly being challenged but also keeps its fresh and interesting. Westchase boot camp is over 2,000 square feet and you will be amazed the many different ways you can workout; you will never see the same workout.

Westchase Boot Camp Workout Area

Samantha’s studios are designed to have a higher end feel and comfortable family environment that women feel safe and non-judged. Training only women is her specialty and she has 21 personal trainers to help get women in the Westchase / Tampa area in amazing shape at our fitness boot camp. We have SO much fun in workouts! We love celebrating the milestones of your success too!

Westchase Boot Camp Members Excited

Come check it out, you will love it! Click the button below to see the Westchase boot camp and see the program options of what will fit best for you, we have all kinds of them. We also love celebrating your birthday and your weight loss success. The client in the middle has lost over 50 lbs. in our boot camp!

Westchase Boot Camp Members Celebrating a Birthday