Westchase Fitness Boot Camp for Women

30 Minute Workouts

At our Westchase Fitness Boot Camp you will be surprised at what you can get done in only a 30 minute workout! Women sometimes hear about a 30-minute workout and they wonder what type of workout you can actually get done in that amount of time. But we are all so busy these days, if you can get your workout done in 30 minutes, there is no reason to workout for longer!

We have many newbies who were nervous of the workout boot camp who have never done a fitness boot camp before and they are surprised at how they can do the workouts at their fitness level.

We also don’t have a bunch of egos here, just other women like you who want to get fit. We also have women of all fitness levels, ages, body styles and weights.

One thing to always keep the workouts interesting is the trainer has the workouts to be different in every workout, changing it around every time so you are always challenged. The goal with a 30-minute fitness boot camp style workout is to workout many different muscles while increasing the heart rate to burn more calories.

There are so many reasons why we do 30-minute workouts, here are 9 of the reasons why we do them - Click Here to read more.